Analytics Tool

High engagement levels for higher returns on investment

Our data analytics will help you to track and know more of your users´ behavior.

Information such as most-watched channels, popular programs, users online status in a day, most-subscribed package, etc., will allow you to convert this user knowledge into higher levels of engagement, higher ROI on communication and promotion, and better business results.

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Optimize your Performance

Our data analytics tool allows you to track your business results on a daily basis, for a timely decision making that will boost your business results.

Effective Monetization

Use our revenue reports to effectively monetize your service.
Using our analytics tool, you´ll be able to access detailed information on the revenue generated by each revenue model.

Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Product

Detailed information on revenue, subscription type, conversion and retention rates, and daily active users, will help you to manage the risk of subscriber churn and improve your overall results.