Cloud-Based Linear Broadcasting

Complete end to end service

Goose provides you with all the necessary infrastructure, cloud-based, with a 24/7 maintenance and support service guaranteed:

. Encoding/transcoding

. Content protection

. Streaming storage

. Content distribution and delivery

. Service management

. Platform application

. App for various user devices.

You take care of your business,
we do the rest

As an operator, you will only need to invest your time in defining what TV content you'll be offering. We will make sure everything else is taken care of for your customers to receive a seamless experience.


Grow your business and your profit.

Our low-cost platform reduces the operator's risk of investment, whether it has a small-scale subscriber base or a large-scale subscriber base, making the larger-scale growth even more profitable


No upscale or downscale requirements

No matter which of our service plans you choose, we allow you to have unlimited concurrent users for your application.

Our platform is built to adapt automatically to your scale needs and fluctuations, guaranteeing a constant delivery of high quality service, and eliminating the need to frequently upsize and downsize your infrastructure service requests.