Content Managment System

Grow your Business and your profit

Our affordable platform reduces the operator´s risk of investment in OTT application development, whether it has a small or large-scale subscriber base, boosting a more profitable growth

Set up your OTT application
in just a few hours

Our shared cloud TV platform allows you to launch your OTT App, all around the world in record time.


Content management made simple

Our platform was engineered by experts, to offer you the ultimate video streaming tools, for an easy, coding-free, content management

. Control all of your content easily in one place

. Reach your audiences wherever they are and on whatever device they are using

. Have your updates automatically synched in your app

. Support in the distribution of your app on the main App Stores

. Full control over your audience data


1. Set up 2. Package 3. Stream

Whether you are broadcaster, telecom, cable or satellite TV operator, or a new comer who wants to delivery linear TV service over internet, our platform is the best solution for you.

Set up and package your OTT Application, zero coding skills required, and get ready to stream your content to any country or region around the world.

Our online platform stores all of your information for you to manage channel and EPG data easily and quickly.

You take care of your business
we do the rest

As an operator, you will only need to invest your time in defining what TV content you´ll be offering, we´ll make sure everything else is taken care of.

Our content management system does it all, from hosting to flawless delivery.


Leading Live TV Broadcast platform

Offer your viewers the best-in-class Live TV experience

. Only UHD and Full HD videos

. Immediate delivery

. Customized playlists

. High stability and reliability

. Channel playback