Playback Channels

Always-on TV programs

With our playback feature, you can offer your users, the possibility of watching their favorite TV programs at the time that works best for them, through a smooth and crisp playback experience.

1. Connect 2. Select 3. Store

Using our online platform, you can easily select the channels for which you wish to set the playback feature

Content will be stored for 7 days for your users to enjoy whenever and wherever they want, highly improving their entertainment experience


Easily organize content for
experience optimization

Use our Playlist tool to organize any content being transmitted in different channels, in customized playlists.
Your viewers will be able to find their favorite content in one single place and view it in a sequence mode, thus improving their user experience.

Free thematic tools for
experience customization

customize app tv live

Whether it's sports, series, or soap operas, you will be able to select from our library of themes to customize your users' experience when viewing your playlists.

Immerse in the football season

Use our football season manager to provide the season's matches, and schedule information on a single playlist that compiles the content from the different TV channels.