Customer Relationship Management
Simple and efficient user management
CRM provides user management capabilities, making information more centralized, strengthening the opportunity management of potential users, and increasing the frequency of interaction between you and your users. , rich grouping and operation functions, to achieve your refined operations on users.
How CRM User Management Works?
Intuitive Dashboard
Our dashboard allows you to easily visualize KPIs to track performance, analyze trends and gain insights to make better-informed decisions. We offer a holistic view of your business. Helps you save time while increasing productivity and profits.
Marketing Tools
The Operator can create multiple user groups according to the business needs and implement a targeted marketing strategy for each:
✔ Advertisement delivery
✔ Coupon
✔ E-mail
✔ App push message
Rich Reports
Goose CRM dashboard provides accurate and detailed user data reports so you can monitor the overall development of the business:
✔ User behavior
✔ Content performance
✔ Conversion rate
✔ User retention rate
✔ User activity, etc.
Multidimensional and accurate data report
You can monitor the overall development of the business, export reports, and compare the data performance with the previous period to grasp the information of your users in the entire process.
Our advantages:
✔ Diverse data display styles
✔ Personalized data for different roles
✔ Rich detailed data
✔ Multiple filter dimensions
Innovative Customer Pre-Creation Model
The Customer Pre-Created Model is a model in which the App you package in the Goose portal is burned into the TV box, and then the hardware is sold to the user. Our CRM
✔ You can create users for each TV box for sale and activate product rights and limited periods.
✔ CRM can generate ST files to improve account and device security.
✔ CRM provides user access control, you can track and control the status of each device, and help you open up offline sales paths.