Reports and Statistics
Multidimensional and Accurate Data Report
Our dashboard provide you with accurate and detailed data witch will give you a powerful support for your business decisions. You can monitor the overall development of the business, export excel files, and compare the data performance with the previous period to grasp the information of your users in the entire process.
Our Advantages
Diverse data display styles
Data visualization allows you to intuitively feel data changes, easily grasp and analyze user behavior, and guide your daily operations
Personalized data for different roles
VNO, Brand operator, Reseller ISP, Each role has its own data dashboard, making data query more efficient and concise.
Richly detailed data
We provide accurate and comprehensive data reports, including but not limited to user behavior data, content performance data, conversion data, user retention rate, user activity data, etc.
Multiple filter dimensions
We Provide a wealth of filtering options, you can filter whatever data you want like view time, terminal type, product, user payment status, viewing program name, etc.
Data Visualization Empowers Business
The dashboard visualizes data reports for you to track performance, analyze trends, gain insights and make better-informed decisions.Goose team offer professional data report,keep latest date update ,Comprehensive collection range & Data monitoring.
Benefits of Having Our Dashboard
· A holistic view of your business.
· Save a lot of time.
· The final result of various improvements.
· Relieve pressure.
· Increase productivity.
· Increase profit