Grow your business with Advertising
The Advertising-based Video On Demand (AVOD) business model has been growing in popularity, providing a free business model, and bringing back free TV. The Goose Ad Platform gives you the right technology AVOD solution, to make your business grow faster.
Full Process Support
Goose provides you a friendly interface with rich advertising management functions to help your business throughout the whole process.
Our core functions cover the management of:
· Advertisers
· Ad Source
· Management of Ad Delivery
· Data Reports.
Rich Advertising Slots and Flexible Access
We provide uniform ad slot for multiple templates with various advertising forms of AVOD mode:
· Start-Up
· Banner
· Player AD (pre-roll)
· Pause AD
Complete Data Reports
Goose provides a complete dashboard to easily access key indicators and metrics. With the multi-dimensional data query method and ad performance data (by advertiser, slot, activity, or source ID) you'll be able to analyze ad performance to the fullest.