Some of the many reasons why you will consider Goose to be the best alternative for your business

1. Everything in one place

Our all-in-one solution has all the ingredients you need to create and scale an amazing Live TV streaming service.


2. The most cost-effective platform

Our wide variety of fully-featured pricing plans, guarantee a best-in-class product at the most affordable price in the market. Transparent pricing, with no hidden fees, for a predictable revenue management.


3. Best-in-class Live TV applications

Our platform was engineered by experts, to offer you the ultimate video streaming tools, for a best-in-class OTT application. Whether you’re looking for high security, low latency, simple user management, or high resolution, you name it, Goose has it!

4. Build your own brand

We designed every aspect aiming at increasing your own brand value and ROI:

  • Fully white-labeled, customizable, templates and themes, for you to create a
    unique application that matches your brand
  • Own domain name: www.yourbrand.com
  • Customizable playlists and themes
  • 5. Monetization menu

    Our platform’s flexibility allows you to choose the revenue models that work better for your business

  • Subscription
  • Pay-per-view
  • Bundles
  • Free Trial
  • Rentals
  • Add supported
  • 6. Simplify your sales operations

    You’ll find several tools designed to help you optimize your sales operations, without investing any additional time.

    • Build and manage your reseller network using our Panel tool
    • Pay and receive payments online through PayPal (more payment methods coming soon)
    • Use the Panel tool to order any resources necessary for your operation
    • Get support in the publication of your app in the main App Stores

    7. Know your business to the core

    Our platform provides customer and business analytics tools that will allow you to track your progress on different fundamental KPIs for your business, and access information about your user’s preferences and behaviors.
    This deep knowledge will help you make faster and better decisions to generate higher levels of engagement and reduce subscriber churn, thus increasing sales and revenue.

    8. Fit for all

    Whether you are managing a broadcast, telecom, cable or satellite, or a linear TV service business, whatever your level of technical knowledge, you´ll find our platform is intuitive and easy for anyone to use.

    We have specially designed it on a step by step basis that will guide you during the set up process and make sure you complete all information, for your product to be market-ready fast and easy.

    9. Your business has no limits

    We aim to help you achieve the highest business growth possible. That´s why we designed a platform that allows you to communicate with any customer around the world and charge for your services on 130+ international currencies.

    Our built-in Multilingual feature was designed specifically for you to have no language barriers with any customer, anywhere in the world.

    Our strong integration with PayPal allows you to accept payments from 130+ international currencies. You can even accept multiple currencies for single or bundled content.


    Here are some other features you and your users will love.

    • Playback channels
    • All screen sizes
    • YouTube
    • Users and content safety
    • Updated audience through in-app notifications